Plamen Chakov

Plamen Chakov

Hi, my name is Plamen Chakov. I'm a bike courier, bike mechanic, and cycling is my life. I've been biking professionally full time for over 6 years. I love the freedom that cycling gives you: to explore, to commute, and to appreciate everything that's around you. I began riding to commute, to meet friends, and to get to class. As I did it more and more, I realized that it meant so much more to me than a convenience, it felt like a calling. Since then I've been biking professionally for various companies, but also I’ve been engaging in any sort of ride that I feel can promote cycling culture. The only thing in my life that preceded my love for cycling, and felt like a calling, has been the Association of Horizon. I began attending Horizon Summer Camp in 2007, as part of a high school community service program. After that first week, I was hooked.

The Association of Horizon allows people to engage in something truly genuine, unique, and beautiful. It allows people to connect with each other on the deepest and most sincere level. It sheds all of the societal norms and expectations that we guide our lives by on a daily basis. I have been a part of Horizon for 12 years, and it brings me so much joy to see the Horizon Summer Camp experience help people open up and grow, every single year. I have not seen a single person, attendant or camper, complete the full week of camp without feeling fulfilled, enriched, and genuinely experience growth as a person. I am absolutely thrilled to bike this long trek with my close friends and fellow Horizonites to promote awareness for this amazing association!!!

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